It's holiday time again, and that means that you'll be traveling to see friends and family and enjoy a meal or two with them. This also means that you'll be transporting food to the home of the host or hostess, so here are some tips to keep in mind from the Audi Fairfield team.

Before you put food containers in your vehicle, line the floor of the car with a large trash bag. Put the bowls or casserole dishes on the bags so that the plastic will catch the spills and you won't ruin your car's interior. You can also house food dishes in reusable bags for an added layer of protection. If you're transporting containers that have lids, line the top of the container with a layer of plastic wrap before putting on the lid to keep your food secure. You can also have a relative monitor the food in the back seat to stop messes before they happen.

From all of us at Audi Fairfield to all of you - Happy holidays!

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