Tire rotation is part of maintaining a car for better performance. Tire rotation entails changing the position of the tires, for instance, exchanging the rear tires with the front tires. Tires wear out unevenly when they are not swapped because of the difference in weight distribution between the front and back tires. The Audi Fairfield service team is ready to rotate your tires for a more confident driving experience.

Rotating tires involves removing and moving each tire to a different position, checking the brakes when the tires have been removed, and confirming and adjusting the air pressure of the car. Rotating tires will enable you to save money and prolong the tire life cycle while uneven tires will accelerate wearing out of tires. Otherwise, you will be required to replace the old tires with new ones regularly because of the fast wearing-out of the tires. Regular rotation of tires when conducting oil changes will increase the car's performance.

Audi Fairfield will offer you excellent tire rotation services for your car. Contact us today!

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