It’s normal for many people not to be able to afford brand new or lightly-used cars with cash alone. Even trading in another vehicle, it can be hard to afford a new car.

Vehicles, however, play instrumental roles in our lives. Many of us rely on them to get to work, school, and the other many places we have obligations to fulfill at. Leasing vehicles is one of the easiest ways, of driving off a dealership's lot with a high-quality vehicle and affordable monthly payments.

When your lease ends, you'll have a range of options at your disposal. A common route taken is to have the lease renewed. You can also turn the lease down, if you’re not interested, or just not ready. Some dealers will sell your leased vehicle to you at a lower-than-normal cost. If you need more time, you can also extend the lease of your current car.

Need help figuring out what to do? Contact us at Audi Fairfield in Fairfield, CT. We can help you with any question you have.

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