During the winter season, normal windshield wipers may not be sufficient for removing snow and slush from your windshield. Unlike traditional wipers, which do not have the sturdiness for snow, winter wipers are thicker and stronger. Often they are covered with a rubber covering, which acts sort of like a squeegee against the slush. Why do we recommend winter windshield wipers at Audi Fairfield?

The winter blades are important in that they will provide a clearer view as you drive. Normal wipers are built for rain only, and will often leave streaks on your windshield which can prevent you from seeing. Accidents become much more likely when drivers have a limited vision of the road. Traditional wipers should not be used in an attempt to de-ice your windshield. Instead, defrost or ice scrapes along with winter wiper blades should be used to get the ice off your windshield.

Your local car dealership can help you find the right fitting winter blades to equip your vehicle. Contact Audi Fairfield right here in Fairfield, CT to get started!

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