In 1980, Audi debuted the quattro all-wheel drive system on its rally car of the same name. After winning two titles, the brand introduced it onto their production vehicles. Thirty-seven years on, and this innovative AWD system has been copied, but never equaled. Today, it’s available in every model from the A4 to the Q7, and all points in between.

Where most AWD vehicles use a transfer case, Audi has ingeniously employed a self-locking center differential with two output shafts that can send power forward or aft, depending on what has the most grip. Additionally, the power can be vectored to any given wheel. All of this happens before traction is lost, and more importantly, before the driver even notices. But that’s just the standard system. The Q5 and A4 Allroad house a quattro with ultra system that works on the same principle, but with predominantly front-wheel drive to save fuel.

To experience the difference made by a new Audi with quattro, contact our Fairfield, CT dealership at your convenience. Our sales team can let you know which models come with the system, and we can include one in your test drive.

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