It is so easy to test your car battery, so there is no excuse for putting it off and getting stuck with a dead battery roadside.

To test the battery correctly, you'll need a voltmeter, wire brush, work gloves, and safety glasses. Open the car hood after the vehicle lights and engine are off. Put on the gloves and glasses and use the wire brush to clean the terminals of the car battery.

Your voltmeter is a breeze to operate, it has two cables, the red goes to positive side of the car battery, black to negative side. If the meter shows a reading at 12.4 or higher, the car battery is in good working condition. You will need to be concerned that the battery is failing if the voltmeter comes back with a reading at 12.2 or less.

Never leave battery trouble for another day, get to to our service center at Audi Fairfield before you're stuck needing a jump-start.

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