Many drivers are not aware that the wiper blades that worked all year without issue could become a problem as the temperatures drop in the winter. Those older wiper blades were not crafted to handle the harsh conditions of the winter months, but winter wiper blades are.

The older wiper blades that worked all year are not crafted to handle the snow and ice as effectively. The new winter wiper blades flex to the shape of the windshield and are able to keep ice and snow from blocking your view without leaving behind streaks and headlight glare.

The trouble with the older wiper blades is they have an exposed metal frame where ice can get logged and disrupt the flow of the cleaning. The new winter blades are wrapped in a cover that shield the moving parts from ice or snow.

Set aside some time from your busy schedule at see the techs at Audi Fairfield so they can replace your old wiper blades.

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