Modern headlights are more shatter and chip resistant than the old glass headlights of the past. The poly-carbonate plastic is designed to last the life of the vehicle. Unlike the headlamps of the past, when the bulb burns out, only the bulb needs to be replaced.

They do have their drawbacks. Over time, the plastic assembly will haze over. This haze detracts from the appearance of the vehicle, leaving the lights looking gray and dull. The haze will also affect the efficiency of the bulbs, causing dimming.

There are methods to remove the haze. Some home remedies use ultra fine sandpaper, baking soda and even toothpaste. We offer a full line of commercial headlight restorations kits to bring back the shine and illumination to the hazy headlight. Developed for this purpose, these kits have the right chemical composition and the correct amount of abrasion to remove the haze without damaging the coating. Let our knowledgeable staff in our service center answer further questions about the right product for the job.

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