Audi engineers have worked on adding comprehensive safety features to their vehicles for decades. Recently, the engineers added a new feature to the Audi A4. The “Pre Sense City” system which includes advanced collision warning systems.

All trims of the Audi A4 include the Pre Sense City system as a standard precautionary tool wherever you may be driving. Designed for urban driving environments, the system scans 100 meters ahead for other vehicles and pedestrians via a windshield-mounted camera. In the event the system detects a possible collision, the system assists the driver through the issuance of warnings and then through the brake assist program. At speeds up to 25 mph, the system can prevent almost any accident. The system works up to speeds of 52 mph to mitigate any impacts.

At Audi Fairfield in Fairfield, CA, we train every purchaser of an Audi A4 on the Pre Sens City safety system.

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