Every day millions of cars are on the roads and highways across the country. Motorists are able to drive with confidence due to the engineering achievements that have been made on automobiles. One of those achievements is the ingenuity of brake pads. They allow a car to stop at a driver's first indication of an oncoming collision.

Brake pads work by the force that is brought upon them from hydraulic fluid as it moves pistons closer to the pads. As the brake pads touch the wheel rotor, the opposing forces make the rotating discs slow down. Since the tires are connected to the wheel rotor via the hub, the car decelerates from its previous speed. Brake pads can wear down overtime and must be replaced when the wear exceeds an average of 3 millimeters.

At our service center at Audi Fairfield, checking and servicing brake pads is our specialty. If you feel that your brakes are performing less than they have in the past, it could be time for a replacement. Visit us in Fairfield, CT and let us have a look at the brake components!

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