Are you tired of finding a parking spot in a garage that you cannot maneuver into? Are you constantly avoiding spots that require parallel parking? If so, then you need an Audi with the Parking Assist feature. The parking assist features help drivers fit into even the most troublesome spaces and is the perfect tech for any driver. To learn more about the parking assist feature, keep reading or visit Audi Fairfield today.

What is Audi Park Assist?

The Parking Assist feature for the Audi is tech that helps drivers park their vehicle just about anywhere. By using ultrasonic sensors, your Audi can identify obstacles in its path and automatically find the right angle to park itself. And as a bonus, this feature can also help get out of any tricky spot as well.

How Audi Park Assist Works

The parking assist feature works quite easily. By using its sensors and accessing your backup camera, your Audi can detect spots it feels it can occupy. But the feature isn’t 100% autonomous. You will have to operate the gas pedal and shift gears as required. Once your Audi has found a spot, it will then maneuver itself back and forth into the spot.

When parking your Audi, your car will warn you of objects that can obstruct its ability to maneuver. Objects like another car’s bumper, a parking meter, mailbox, trashcan, etc. can all interfere with this process..

Shop at Audi Fairfield

If you’re tired of missing out on parking spots that you’re not confident maneuvering into, let an Audi help. Whether it’s the Audi S6 or Audi Q7, there are plenty of models with parking assist. Pick one up at our Fairfield dealership today and never miss a parking spot again.

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