Are you after a new Audi vehicle? Do you want to save money with a used or certified model? Whatever vehicle you want, our finance team is here to help. Our financial experts have helped many people find a plan that fits their budget, and they can do the same for you.

Why Finance With Us?

There are many dealerships you can finance with, so you may be wondering why you’d do so with us. Honestly, it’s quite simple - our financing process is easy and hassle-free. At our dealership, we cater each deal to our customer’s specific budgets and needs. Customers are always able to find a plan that works for them, and so can you.

Choose the Ideal Financial Plan

After you’ve found a vehicle you like - you need to consider if a loan or lease is your best financial option. Though before you decide, let’s discuss what each option offers.


Found a new Audi or used model you want to take home? Then a loan can help make that happen. Loans can be tailored to your specific budget, and with regular on-time payments, customers can build their credit score. However, loans do have larger monthly payments when compared to leases.


Not ready to commit fully to owning an Audi? Can’t swing a loan’s monthly payment? Then a lease is your best option. Leases only last two or three years and offer low monthly payments. Plus, when a lease expires, you can buy, extend, or upgrade the lease if you wish.

It is, however, important to note that leasing does have restrictions, such as the number of miles you can drive.

Finance with Us Today

Are you interested in owning a vehicle long-term or one temporarily? If so, our financial team can find you the perfect plan. To start financing, fill out our finance application online or in person.

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